If you would like to enhance your corporate event then I have a proposition for you.

I have run my own workshops and assisted on many high performance trainings over the years.

I use ‘golf as the analogy’ to explain high performance skills with my audience. The power of the mind in golf and life will meet when I tailor an event for you.

Corporate golf experience:

Gain confidence by learning golf – This starts with a 30 minute discussion on where confidence comes from and how to acquire it.

A talk and demonstration on golfing faults and fixes.

‘Get into the swing’ – a group golf lesson to learn or improve. Attendees will be trying out confidence and self belief exercises whilst hitting golf balls.

Bespoke training

I want your group to achieve extraordinary results from my coaching and I pass on my experience to clients from all types of business. “My tailored sessions are said to be like high performance coaching with a golf club in your hand!”

You will face a challenge: learning or improving golf, but don’t worry, I have techniques to advance you to immediate improvement.

I can design bespoke events where all equipment is provided – you may require 2 hours or a whole day. We can work on visualization and setting a path for success, or maybe removing limiting beliefs whilst building confidence through golf! So, if you want me to tailor a package for you then let’s talk.

Events can be held in Hertfordshire or we can discuss an alternative venue near your organization.

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